One of the scariest areas for people to venture into, is the use of color in their home. It is true that there are multiple things to consider, such as light, undertones and reflective values.  This is second nature to the trained professional, but can be unnerving to many homeowners.

Recently, I viewed Dale Chihuly Garden and Glass at the Space Needle. Chihuly designed the exhibit to create a color experience that would “overwhelm the viewer with light and color” in a way they could not imagine. The photo of Ikebana and Float Boat, above, is one such example.  The colors pop against the reflective black background.  The intensity of the colors and the multiple glass shapes were mesmerizing.


This photo is of a Persian Ceiling.  As you walk under it.  Color envelopes the space.

What this exhibit demonstrates to me is what color, in the right amounts, can bring to a space and why we should not fear it.  Have a colorful day!